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Agricultural Steel Buildings

Built using the best quality steel and exceptional workmanship, our agricultural steel buildings provide the strength and dependability that your farming business requires.

Steel Agricultural Buildings Provide Exceptional Reliability

As a farmer, you rely upon your storage buildings to keep your agricultural equipment safe and secure. Our pre-engineered steel buildings for farms incorporate only top-quality steel and precision workmanship to produce ideal farming storage solutions.

All of our steel farm buildings are made to meet or exceed building code standards and are built to last. Our 35-year material warranty supports this guarantee!

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Uniquely Designed – Just Like Your Farm

Constructed using superior steel components and exceptional workmanship, our agricultural steel buildings are custom made to meet your farm’s requirements.

Work with one of our talented technicians to choose from a range of sizes, specifications and finishes to create a suitable steel building for your needs. Equip your metal farm building with wide openings for bi-fold or hydraulic doors to easily store seasonal equipment and heavy machinery including plows, harvesters, planters and tractors.

Customize your steel building with various building accessories including windows and doors. A wide variety of ventilation options is available to provide maximum aeration and usability as auger inlets.

Affordable Farm Steel Buildings

Used for versatile applications ranging from animal shelters to storage facilities, our steel building solutions are economical and long-lasting.

Compared to conventional buildings, steel buildings can be constructed quicker and at a lower cost, providing you with cost savings to put back into your farm.

Watch while we efficiently erect your pre-fabricated building and be amazed when you realize the minimal maintenance required with our superior steel building product.

Designed with Our Canadian Climate in Mind

Just like you, we know firsthand how harsh our North American climate can be. That’s why we design, create and erect farm steel buildings the way that we do.

Known for their strength and longevity, our farm steel buildings don’t oxidize, fade and rust and are virtually maintenance-free. Compared to a traditional wooden pole building, our pre-fabricated metal buildings for farms are mould and termite-proof and are much more durable. Wooden frames can warp, bow or bend over time and can lose their lustre and beauty – but not steel.

Our pre-fabricated agricultural steel buildings are much faster and easier to construct than traditional wooden pole buildings. Pre-drilled, pre-punched, and pre-engineered to fit together seamlessly, our expertly engineered steel buildings for farms are a fast, efficient and affordable steel building solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our agricultural steel buildings!


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